About Us

I am a mom of two, one a young adult, the other in their teens. 
I love a cozy home... I love creating ... I love feeling happy.

This idea started because I wanted to give you the option of a cozy and
beautiful home, for those days when you come back after a long day at work,
a day out, a trip, or even a vacation !
That feeling when you walk into your home and see your beautiful cozy
livingroom with comfy throw pillows for you to relax and feel calm, when
you walk in your kitchen to make your coffee and you see your lovely
boho coasters and coffee mug with a cute boho sweater that gives it that
cozy vibe, then you walk to your bedroom and see your beautiful cozy bed
waiting for you to snuggle in your chunky blankets and soft pillows ...
So comfy and relaxing !

My hope is to help you feel calm, relaxed and enjoy that lovely feeling of
being HAPPY and COZY at home.

With Love,
Happy Cozy Sunday  
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